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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Day 6: Lake Bunyonyi & Edrisa.Org

I have not been to Lake Bunyonyi in over 20 years and much has changed in that time.  BunyonyiOverland Resort was probably the only accommodation available back then and now the place was teeming with choices of accommodation, activities and crafts. 

I spent the morning and part of the afternoon catching up with posts, e-mails, photos and videos, finally having reliable internet access was too greater draw not to take advantage of.  I managed to briefly catch up with Ivan Batuma, the owner of BunyonyiOverland Resort, who had generously supported our expedition by giving me two night's accommodation. It therefore came as a very pleasant surprise when he also gave me US$ 100 for Uganda Conservation Foundation. Thank you Ivan, your support is greatly appreciated. 


I could not however come all this way and not go for a boat trip on the lake itself.  Used to be that the only choice was a dugout canoe, but now the choices were many including jet skies.  I opted for the tinnie with the outboard motor. 

Lake Bunyonyi is the deepest lake in Uganda and the second deepest lake in Africa, it is 25 kms long and 7 kms wide and is free from crocs, hippos and bilharzia.  Within the lake are 29 islands including Bushara and Punishment Island where unmarried girls who got pregnant were sent to die. We did not get far into the lake but it was a relaxing hour enjoying the scenery. 


Buynonyi Overland Resort actively promotes Edirisa a UK registered NGO working to promote Uganda crafts in the local area by providing free training workshops and coordinating product quality, design, distribution and sales.  Edirisa also offers a number of excursions in the area ranging from a few hours to a few days and incorporating canoeing, hiking and cultural visits.  Well worth checking them out if you are the active type and want to spend a few days here.

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