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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Day 5: Lake Mburo NP to Lake Bunyonyi


On an early morning game drive out of Lake Mburo NP we came across impala, zebra, and warthog, as well as a few water buffalo who were not going to be intimidated by the little purple beetle.  I am told that a herd of buffalo will usually avoid confrontation and just get out of the way and the ones to watch out for were the lone males, still I was not going to take the chance, the road was theirs and we would wait.  This also seemed to be the attitude of the little bird we also came across later, that I am still yet to identify. 

Quick check out at the parks office, a few more kms of dirt track and we were once again back on tarmac and subject to police stops. 

10:30 Igongo Cultural Centre

We stopped briefly at Igongo Cultural Centre as I had heard good things about it and wanted to check the place out.  I also wanted a short call and a chance to try the internet again.  Well 2 out of 3 aren't bad !!

Located 12 km before Mbarara the centre is comprised of a museum including a cultural centre, a traditional restaurant, crafts store, bar & hotel, as well as the biggest concrete Akoli cow I have ever seen. If you need a short break from a long journey it's a good choice. 

A few kms more and we reached Mbarara. Although my tank was okay it was a good opportunity to fill up with fuel.  Fuel however was not the only thing I got, advise was the second - from a young fuel attendant who was trying to tell me how to drive Percy - I politely gave him some advise too.  

The road from Masaka to Mbarara is in great condition, single lane each way, but with sufficient passing lanes on the hills.  Exit Mbarara and all that changes drastically.   Considering this is one of the main roads in the country the section between Mbarara and Ntungamo must be the worst section of tarmac road in the entire country, with in many cases not even enough tarmac for one car and pothole after pothole.  Percy and I are quite used to dancing the 'Pothole Shuffle' but by Ntungamo we both needed a break.  

 Coke stop / short call No 2 and another try at the internet.  I am happy to say that I finally achieved 3 out of 3.


Leaving Ntungamo everything changed again, there was obviously work still being done on the road, but suddenly we hit the super highway, perfect tarmac, two lanes each way !! Signs along the road indicated that it was being funded by the European Union, and while I appreciate their efforts I could not help but wonder why, of all the places in Uganda, this particular part needed such an amazing road ? Was it because it also led to Rwanda and the DR Congo ?? Surely the stretch between Jinja and Kampala was much more deserving or was international politics dictating what was more important ??  I would love for you to see it but unfortunately I had to also learn Go-Pro Lesson No. 3:  Remember to check the battery !!  

The super highway ended just before Kabale (which was also about the time I learnt Lesson No. 3) and it was back to potholes, broken tarmac and road works for the duration of the town.  Just outside Kabale is the turnoff to Lake Bunyonyi  and Bunyonyi Overland Resort, our destination for the next 2 nights.  


Hot shower and cold beer awaited !!

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