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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day 3: Entebbe to Lake Mburo NP

10:30 - Entebbe

Time to hit the road for the first big drive of the trip but first I needed to stop in Entebbe town to sort out my MTN sim card.  The one charger I had forgotten to bring was the one for my phone so the solution was to put the sim card in the tablet instead but it was not showing my contacts or connecting to the internet.  I found the MTN shop and two guys sitting outside at a table basically doing nothing but they said they worked for MTN and could sort it out for me - hitch was it would cost me Ush/ 10,000 (US$ 4).  I knew I would not get a receipt for my money but was in a hurry so had no choice but to bargain them down to Ush 5,000.  

Tablet sorted I started heading back towards Kampala to get onto the road to Lake Mburo NP.  I knew the next few hours were going to be mostly bumper to bumper but there was lots of waves and smiles along the way. 

Finally we were through Kampala and on the main road out, cruising all the way with the exception of the police stops !!  Five in total on the day. I have no objection to the police stopping me but it was fairly obvious that they were more intrigued with Percy than whether or not I had a drivers licence and up to date insurance.  In fact it was not until the third stop that anyone (including me) noticed that my insurance had actually expired two weeks prior.  I promised I would stop in Masaka and buy more.

13:00 - The Equator

Quick stop at the Equator to take the photo only to find that my friends from Tucan Travel were also there.  No sooner had I got out of the car when another friend Wim, from Matoke Tours also stopped to say hi !  Wim had seen Percy from the road and knew it had to be me.  

Cold coke, short call and it was time to hit the road again.  Still had a long way to go and insurance to buy on the way.

17:00 - Lake Mburo NP

Before we even reached the gate of Lake Mburo NP we were on a game drive with an abundance of wildlife to view, zebras, buffalo, warthogs and impala had all come out to greet us.  I'd forgotten what a great little park this is.

18:30 - Mihingo Lodge

The road up to Mihingo Lodge is a bit steep but nothing Percy could not handle and we arrived just in time for sunset and a cold Club !! 

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